Between 1979 and 1987 I produced two bodies of work. Domestic Rituals 1979-83 is a series of large format, b&w images depicting banal, domestic situations that were directed or set up to look as if they were documentary photographs. These photographs brought into question the credibility of the straight photograph as a seemingly truthful and precise record of an event. With the inclusion of captions, the color series Real Life Dramas 1984-87 pushed these ideas further.

Ten years later I revisited this work armed with a new tool, the computer. Questions concerning photographic truth now seem moot when one considers how seamlessly the digitized image can be mutated or created. The old assumptions regarding photographic conventions of representation appear unreliable, or suspect, at best. I recognize in this technology a way to address these formal conundrums while creating metaphors that speak to issues of contemporary life.

I now "harvest" photographs. I collect images that interest me. Old images may join new ones. The possibilities for making photographic images seem endless. Telling Stories is about reconsidering the past in light of the present. It's about truthful fictions and fictional truths.